Services Offered

Behavior Modification Therapy
Sometimes dogs have serious issues that can range from aggression to fearfulness to extreme separation anxiety — each detracting from day-to-day activities. Behavior modification allows the dog and its owner to work towards a more balanced lifestyle. 

Behavior modification is used when addressing complex or serious behavior problems such as:
 Housebreaking issues
 Unruliness including mounting, tugging at clothes, and biting
 Separation anxiety
 Noise/sound phobias
 Male marking in the house
Obedience Training
Manners are important in both people and dogs. Basic obedience training will increase the quality of living for both canine patients and their families. Canine Behavior Consulting’s Obedience Training teaches the dog to reliably respond to commands such as “down,” “stand,” “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” and “come,” using verbal commands and/or hand signals to help ensure well-mannered behavior in-home as well as in public spaces, including the veterinarian’s office.

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