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“Kevin Ray and Canine Behavior Consulting were exactly what we needed. Our two rescue dogs (a 12 year old and a 5 year old) were both not completely house-trained, and the accidents were driving my husband and I to consider such drastic options as re-homing them because we felt powerless. Kevin gave us the knowledge (which really is the power) to transform OUR behavior towards the dogs and provide the proper guidance that they needed to do what we wanted. Kevin’s love of dogs, his simple no-nonsense approach and his great sense of humor made him a pleasure to work with. Thanks to successful training with Kevin, we now have a happy (accident-free) home and intend to keep it that way!”

Thank you again!
            —Kellen Jahn 
 “Kevin was great and exactly what we needed. He listened to what we wanted out of our dogs, and gave us the tools that we needed to succeed. It took a lot of work, but Kevin was there the whole time to answer any questions or concerns we had. When we were at a loss Kevin was able to demonstrate the solution to our problem. Our house and our lives are much more relaxed these days, and we have Kevin to thank. We would recommend him to anyone that has behavior problems with their dogs.”
          —Michelle and Josh, Savannah, Georgia 

“We called Kevin Ray, the dog behaviorist for our very fearful Cockapoo, Nigel who was adopted from a shelter. Kevin did a great job, and was able to teach my housekeeper and my husband how to reduce the dog's fear of them. He was spot on...the dog has been able to be walked by the housekeeper---finally---after avoiding her at all costs for five months, and my husband and the dog are bonding--since Nigel appears very fearful of men. Nigel is also taking Fluoxetine 10 mg. daily, and I think the combination of meds and behavior modification is resulting in our animal having a much better state of emotional well-being. I care for behavior problems in children, but my husband and housekeeper listened to Kevin more attentively, and I think that he helped us turn the corner with this little dog. His approach was very logical and sound, and he was knowledgeable about the best ways to train the dog with positive reinforcement. I think he was well worth the money.”
          —Dr. Greenberg, Savannah, Georgia 

“Kevin’s guidance and printed materials helped me get through the first few months with my new addition, Cubby! His obedience methods were simple to understand and teach, and they worked! My pup is now almost five months old and people can't believe he's not full grown because of how mature he is! ”
          Anita B., Savannah, Georgia 

“See Skye. See Skye bark. See Skye bark too much. And jump up wildly on anyone who walked into our  home. Kevin's Canine Behavior gave us the tools we needed to better understand and change our dog’s behavior, and our own. Kevin taught us how to use positive reinforcement training strategies that really worked; now we're all a happier pack.”
          —Suzanne and Brian , Savannah, Georgia 

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